Friday, March 2, 2007

My first blog

This is my first time blogging. Kind of exciting - even though no one will ever read this. Like my book. Well, that's not a fair statement since I'm blocked on my book and I'm still writing it. Anyway, hope some of my friends will visit me.


Karin said...

One thing about writing, or blogging, and I heard this on a movie with Billy Crystal of all things, and that great piece of advice about being a writer... and this phrase will never leave your mind!!!! that piece of advice is.... ready? ok, here it comes... Quote: "A writer writes.... ALWAYS!" Isn't that profound??? Doesn't matter what you put down, just keep writing, thoughts, feelings, emotions, happenings, logging, conversations with yourself, something witty you actually said, something witty somebody else said.... all usable stuff for later.

cheri said...

i read this sucka.