Wednesday, November 19, 2008

help me pick

friday, i'm going to dinner and twilight with a group of girls. what should i wear!?!
please comment and choose one for me to wear. also should i wear my hair curly or straight?
so a comment/vote should look like this:
but don't put that answer combo down just because it was an example.


Paul & Amy said...

b/straight. really curly looks good, too. I like the green top, though.

mom said...

that's tough choice. green is rich, purple is shiny and ethereal, not swirly one for the event ur going to. straight hair i would like to see. u look awesome.

Shannon said...

Here is the thing, if you are going for romantic looking: Shirt A with curly hair. If you are going for sleek, then straight hair with the green shirt or purple (because they are both awesome). What feel are you going for? Plus all need to remember that we will be eating out beforehand at Olive Garden.

Rhonda Kelly said...

Well I like b/curly and not because you used it as an example either.

Boy Sammi would cut off her right foot to be going with you all!

Shannon said...

And to announce ladies, mgk went with the green top, straight hair, a little brown jacket and jeans. The night went splendid and we had 12 very beautiful ladies all fawning over Edward.

mumsy said...

well I hope you took a pic to update all of us that held our breath to see what you'd do! btw, I went with dad and 2 friends [he actually liked it!] and it was packed with teens, the police came in at one point, and we had an adult, blonde "Marilyn" hair transvestite with a cro-magnon brow in attendance... totally neanderthal!! EWWWWWWWWWW I saw the brow in silhouette and then later outside in the light... I wanted to take a picture!!

tinkerwiththis homie said...

wow, those last two shirts are a hot mess. a little too blinding, too much going on, keep it simple lovely. but better than that, don't take away from your gorgeous face and make-me-jealous hair. seriously, i hope you went with number one, and i hope you come to nyc soon so i can take you shopping!