Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i am alive, i will survive

this is worth it!!!
i'm on the 'oh crap, i gained 10 pounds' diet. it's day 8 of 11. i've lost 5 pounds. my last day is friday, which is also twilight day. so excited. today is all vegetable day. boo! sounds like salad for lunch. if anyone would like the info for this diet, let me know. ;)
these are the locket charms i made for our group of 13 going to the movie on friday.

this one is mine.


Shannon said...

Those turned out so good, they are amazing. What a great idea of Elizabeth's for us to do this for the girls, they will LOVE it!

morninglory kitsch said...

i think elizabeth will pick from the bottom 3. we'll see.

Shannon said...

I think she will too haha. I cannot wait to see how excited everyone is over these things!

tinkerwiththis homie said...

you're such a totally obsessive person. you really throw yourself into something. i love it. it makes me happy. because i know that someday, when i need you wholeheartedly there for me, you will be. right?