Friday, December 19, 2008

death drives a chevy silverado

i was driving dot to school this morning when i got stuck on the 55 mph highway behind a 40 mph slowpoke - in the left lane. i flashed her and nothing happened. meanwhile, traffic is piling up behind me and the right lane is whizzing by me. i finally get over and pass.

on my way home, i set my cruise control to 55 and relaxed in the post-early-morning-rush emptiness of the roads. i glance up and there is a black truck tailgating me. i don't do anything because i am going the speed limit and my left turn is coming up. truck lane-changes to the right and passes me. the windows are blacked out, but once they are in front of me i can see that the driver is wearing some sort of dark hood. we get stopped by the same red light at the left turn, make the same left turn, and thankfully, death did not come to my house. apparently, he works the night shift.

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Tricia B. said...

I'm sorry you didn't like "Confessions" I didn't really either. In fact I listed on Paperbackswap and got rid of it a couple of months ago. Good luck with your writing of Jane Austen.