Monday, December 15, 2008

eleven days later...

so i've been in a schlump.
i thought i'd start a new theme for the next days leading up to christmas.

my favorite toys as a kid. mom, tell me if you remember these.

1. my mickey mouse doll. he was plush and small, and so worn that his pom pom nose had to be replaced.

2. my white rabbit. he was my first 'baby doll' and i still have him.

3. my scratch and sniff smurf book. the page with the grape was my favorite.

4. my fisher price record player with all my 'read along' books.

what was one of your favorite toys as a kid? anyone? anyone? bueller?


Tricia B. said...

Some of my favorite toys were a stuffed bear that I called 'Mr. Bear' original huh? His eyes were sparkly because I painted them with sparkly nail polish. I also loved my Cabbage Patch dolls.

CeltChic said...

My little girl Sophia's almost 2 and she loves my 1st my little pony, who sadly no longer has a tail. She the last one I have from the herd I used to own, it makes me sooooo *happy* (sniff) to see her playing with it!

mom said...

My favorite was a troll doll I got on my 7th birthday. He had long white hair that I braided and combed forever and ever. He was about a foot tall and I took him everywhere.

Shannon said...

I am like my niece. I loved barbie dolls, but as I got older, my favorite gifts were books. I was a sucker for "Sweet Valley High" specifically haha