Saturday, February 14, 2009

is brad pitt ever not hot?

the answer, apparently, is 'yes' - according to this recent article:
i disagree (or agree) in red. chime in with your feelings.

For his upcoming movie, Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," Mr. Jolie goes for a military buzz-cut and the kind of mustache popular among cops and '70 adult film actors.

is it just me, or does this make him look more like french stewart than brad pitt?

let's get started:

MOVIE: Legends of the Fall
HOT OR NOT: Hot - agree. although the movie was terribly depressing.
Brad looks a bit like the guy on a Harlequin romance cover, but without going the full Fabio.

MOVIE: Interview With the Vampire
HOT OR NOT: Not - wholeheartedly disagree. this was the movie that made me first fall for him. this just proves that vampires are always hot. right edward, sweetie?
Pale as a sheet, hair-metal wig, spooky contact lenses. This look doesn't work in any century.

MOVIE: Kalifornia
HOT OR NOT: Hot - never saw this one, but the point is: can he NOT be hot. so, agree.
Sure, Brad looks three shades of crazy here, but he somehow makes scraggly look scrumptious.

MOVIE: 12 Monkeys
HOT OR NOT: Not - disagree. they chose a bad pic. there is a better one below. i loved him in this movie because he could play a really good funny psychotic person - if there is such a thing. very enjoyable to watch.
There's hot psychotic Brad Pitt and not hot psychotic Brad Pitt. This is an example of the latter.

MOVIE: Fight Club
HOT OR NOT: Hot - agree, but only up to the point you realize that he was the creation of edward norton's (yucky) mind, and he never really existed.
He's got a chipped tooth and is constantly bruised and bloodied. Yet he remains the hottest imaginary friend anyone could ever ask for.

MOVIE: Seven Years in Tibet
HOT OR NOT: Not - wrong-o! nothing's hotter than a man on a zen mission. true, he did start to look like ellen degeneres about 7 hours into it, but come on!
Pitt's mujahadeen look here doesn't fly. Day spas must be hard to find up in Himalayas.

MOVIE: Snatch
HOT OR NOT: Hot - did not see this one. the description given of his character is not promising, so i think i'll disagree on this one. if a man is despicable - i have a hard time finding him attractive.
As a babbling boxer, Brad looks oily, sallow and probably malodorous. But his accent (and lack of a shirt) make him a knockout.

MOVIE: Johnny Suede
HOT OR NOT: Impressive? Yes. Hot? No. - agree, i saw 5 disturbing minutes of this movie and the hair really is a turn-off.
Though his towering hair in this little-seen indie is a technical wonder, it's eye-catching in the wrong way.

MOVIE: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
HOT OR NOT: He ended up with Angie (home-wrecker). Guess. it took me a long time to watch this movie because it resulted in a divorce. i may not be the biggest rachel green fan, but i don't think she deserved this. 'angie' is sooo not my favorite. verdict - hot.
Brad buzzed off his golden locks and showed he doesn't need much hair to get the girl.

MOVIE: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
HOT OR NOT: Not - what!?! it may take a while, but it's worth the wait. how can you say 'not' to this:
Old (or is it young?) Pitt with long hair and wire-frames makes him look like Benjamin Franklin.

HOT OR NOT: Hottie McHot-Hot - my problem with this movie was the cry-baby they made out of orlando bloom. we saw this in imax, so there was the occurrence of the 30 foot-wide shot of brad's backside. some may enjoy this, but not me. i am all about the face.
Purists complained there was no mythology in the movie, but Brad sure looked like a Greek god.

MOVIE: Burn After Reading
HOT OR NOT: Not - disagree. i find humor very attractive. the fact that a guy can act like an idiot for laughs works to his advantage. highlights or not.
Brad's still in great shape at 45, but overly moussed skunk-stripes don't work at any age.

in case there is any debate left, i give you this gem:


Shannon said...

Brad Pitt is 99% of the time HOT. The little mustache thing on him, a complete no no, but otherwise, he is quite dreamy.

mom said...

I remember when I first saw him, I thought, how can one person have so many ways of looking so gorgeous?? And to think, he went to Kickapoo High School in Springfield, MO, like a couple of the Rogers boys. [not at same tho]
p.s. wish i was at that imax.

morninglory kitsch said...

wow. all that work for 2 comments. sheesh.

CeltChic said...

You really did your research!
Are you confusing this with work again? ;D
Your blog is looking *shweet*
& i'm not just referring to the brad pics :)