Thursday, February 5, 2009

jane curtains

hi. i made these curtains. they are between 180 and 200 thread count. ha! i made them out of sheets. that dark spot on the couch is jack. napping. oop! daisy's on the flower pillow. i'm laughing at the huge size difference between jack's crate and daisy's crate. she's like a loaf of bread. but shorter.

here's my clean kitchen. and then i realized that my bathroom is bigger than my kitchen. which is really sad. after living here almost 10 years. (wow) i would so trade my big bathroom for a bigger kitchen.

and my new sitting area behind my couch. the dark lower left corner is another papasan.


Molly said...

ok it's funny that you referred to your pet as a loaf of bread, because that's what we call our dog--a loaf of bread with legs. And considering he got that name due to his size, you will no doubt find it funny to hear that he once ate an ENTIRE loaf of bread while we were visiting our next door neighbors. Well, he did leave the heel (as do I) and 1 slice--and was sleeping, yes sleeping, when we returned. I have never seen a dog actually get so full of forbidden food that he stops indulging. The poor dog--when he awoke-he looked SO round! He could not sit, lay, or stand without discomfort. It was hilarious. And the look in his huge brown eyes actually said--I know, I know, you don't have to say it--I am a pig. He was SO uncomfortable for almost a whole day until he began expelling the bread. He stood & crouched his head forward but his back arched as well like he just wasnt sure which end it was going to come out of--which in fact, was both!

Molly said...

oh, memories.

Jana said...

Well, the house looks lovely, the curtains look great, and I love your color scheme too. I still can't believe your red neck husband allows all the girly colors to surround him What's the spell you put over him?