Sunday, May 3, 2009

hugh knows jack about wolverine

and after a little surfing, so do i.
we went to see x-men origins: wolverine last night and even though people watched it online without so much as a twinge of conscience, then go on and on about what was wrong with it; i liked it. it had more language than your average x-men movie, but the story was good. i'm really getting tired of all these basement-dwelling comic book nerds who have spent their lives following every story line of every character, then come into a movie and criticize it. i'm a reader and i understand that books cannot translate perfectly to film without some adjustments. besides, i'm just here for the jack, man.

practicing for werewolverine.

saunter and blue steel.

please retract your claws while saying grace.

do you smell something?

not in the mood for a snowball fight.

everyone else look away in shame.

spoiler alert!!! brotherly love?


Shannon said...

I agree, I loved the movie. Books and comics alike aren't always going to translate to film in the exact way that avid readers are going to want, but the important thing is that the important details are there. Also, a really good thing they did is they connected this movie to the things that are learned about Wolverine in the three X-men movies. All in all, I thought it was great.

morninglory kitsch said...

including the digitally botoxed patrick stewart.