Friday, May 8, 2009

working for the weekend

i threw this purse together for my weekend away with dot and midge. it has pockets for my cell, camera and ipod as well as a grommet for my earbud cord and a loop to hook my wallet and keys to.

my new camera. light as a feather and small as a pack of gum.

don't you love the color?

and it's a nikon.


mom said...

ok, awesome!!! need a picture of the back of purse to show grommet and cord coming out. totally cool and LOVE the fabric [haha, since you said I gave it to you several c'mases ago. camera is awesome. have fun and take a pic of midge's purse if she gets it in the mail.

tinka what what said...

holy crap that IS small. i'm officially jealous.

tinka stinka said...

wow. you are rocking the quilting. bravo.

momski said...

time for a new blog... c'mon girl! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz