Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sickness and disappointment

we are all sick. dot has it the worst today, but the three of us are sinus-miserable. dot and i are supposed to go to night of joy this weekend. we were supposed to get to meet jars of clay because i bought the 'special, limited edition' cd. and now i find out that they aren't doing a meet & greet at night of joy. which means i will be going to another concert of theirs in 2010, so i can use my pass.

on the up side of things, i did win a trip to boise, idaho. another concert. and i ordered my costume elements for my halloween party, figured out what to do for my kids' costumes, and my hubby's. he always gets the last minute planning with his non-costumes.

my party theme this year is vampyrs through the ages. any and all forms of vampires are welcome.

on monday, i started a somewhat extreme 'diet' and i've lost 3 pounds already. that's cool.


tinka stinka said...

boo :( sorry love! get better with your bad sinus self!

jb said...

when is the prospective date? please dont say the 30th...