Thursday, January 28, 2010

being erica...

is not all it's cracked up to be.

i've started watching this show, 'being erica'. it's a soapnet original series, which should tell you something. it's a sort of quantum leap with a woman, erica, who is going through some form of other-worldly therapy. this therapy helps erica deal with her regrets by sending her back to times in her life so she can try to right her wrongs.

i thought this was a new show, but sadly found that my first episode was actually episode 14. now, do i sit at my computer for 13 tv hours (that's a one hour program minus commercials) to catch up? everyone knows that the first season of a series is crucial to understanding the storyline.

erica, it seems, has regrets. a lot of regrets. i thought of my own life, me being erica's age and all, and tried to come up with a multitude of regrets. most of them seem so minor. my first episode did not involve any of erica's regrets, so i had to watch the other 2 to see what could be affecting her adult life so negatively. well, pot (for one), working at a coyote ugly-type bar, camp counsellor with low morals, etc. i still plan on tuning in. maybe catching up on some enlightening re-runs that will give this show merit.

i was initially attracted to this show because i've fantasized about being given the chances that erica is given each week. i am encouraged to find; however, that 'being mgk' wouldn't be a very long running show. unless of course, each episode, i would be shuttling back to a few days prior to put down the (danish/frappacino/chocolate/garlic bread) and not have to battle with the carbs/calories/fat. it would be less a soapnet original, and more of a lead-in to 'ruby' on lifetime. (i love ruby, by the way)

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mom said...

hahahaha on the "ruby" comment. you'll never get anywhere even close to that... [have a thumbprint poppyseed cookie, you know you want it.]