Thursday, January 21, 2010

i wrote a movie review for my mom's newspaper...

Leap Year, PG

Amy Adams and Matthew Goode star in Leap Year, a romantic comedy that follows one woman's determined quest to have the perfect job, the perfect apartment and get married to the perfect guy.

When their four-year anniversary passes without a marriage proposal, Anna decides to take matters into her own hands. When her father tells her of an Irish tradition that allows women to propose to men on February 29th, Anna decides to follow her boyfriend Jeremy to Dublin and propose herself.

But weather leaves Anna stranded on the other side of Ireland, and she must enlist the help of scruffy barkeep Declan to get her across the country. As Anna and Declan bicker across the Emerald Isle, they discover that the road to love can take you to very unexpected places.

I found this movie delighfully reminiscent of Hepburn and Tracey. Hollywood finally made 'romcom' that doesn't have to turn to inpropriety to be 'entertaining'. Anna and Declan's relationship goes from antagonistic to having genuine substance (even though they only know each other for four days). Through some eye-opening circumstances, Anna finds that love isn't about having everything perfectly planned out. Marriage is viewed positively, and as the only path for a couple in love to take. A couple keeping an inn refuses unmarried couples from staying there.

This movie is romantic, sweet and best of all, honestly funny. I recommend it for any date night or girl's night out.


Shannon said...

Brilliant review, brilliant movie. It was a grand shared experience. I loved how they kept everything pure and how the view of marriage was a positive one. Declan, be still my heart....gotta love the Irish man. Wish I had one of my own...oh wait...I kinda almost do

mom said...

in case you didn't get my text, i loved your review and you're hired. i edited it slightly for length and yada yada yada. Thanks so much! and any music reviews i would appreciate too. wish you were here to do interviews for me.

mother said...

now that i think about it, amy should play you in a movie. she'd have to get a little whackier and maybe not so sweet all the time. you're a feisty thing.

mom said...

i just proofed the pages for the paper and didn't see your review in there. :( i hope he'll use it next month, even though the movie won't be out anymore.