Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a detailed costume view

i did make the costumes for the shoot - all but the hat (which i tweaked with some added details). if you're playing along at home, you know this started with my dress and grew from there.

for the hubby, i bought the hat - added a real feather and made the hat pins (which you can't really see in this desaturated pic). the silk (polyester) scarf was $7, goodwill jacket $6, i sewed and added the extras - pocket hanky, pocket ribbons, pocket red fabric, lacey faux sleeves, and the all-important vintage spool sash.

for dot, i made the ear-headband and basically raided my closet for the blazer and the boy's closet for the vest. thrift shop ascot for $1.

for the boy, i bought a hat and made the ears. thrift shop bowtie $1.


momski said...

you explain it so simply, yet I know it took a lot of work. Creativity lets us go into another world, far away from unpleasant realities. Great job!

tink said...

update. we miss you :(