Monday, July 23, 2007

girls just wanna have fun

that's right. it's me. 3 am. virgin strawberry daiquiri and mint julep face mask. we had a great time on friday. sorry that none of you could make it. we started with some fondue, pasta and win a date with tad hamilton - i hadn't seen it. then, after the movie, we had chocolate fondue, white chocolate macadamia cookies, and did our hair and makeup to a lot like love. ending on the daiquiris and face masks and collapsing in bed at 3:45 am.
slept in until 10, then we ate breakfast casserole and watched clue. then we got dressed and left for a whirlwind day of shopping in orlando. we did hit up the steve and barry's where i got tons of shirts (a couple sjp), a pair of jeans ($11!) and a fun collegiate professor jacket in grass green with elbow patches. met up and had lunch with a girlfriend i haven't seen in 15 years and just had fun.

about the pic, i so look like the wicked witch of the west, make that east. and yes, my hair is crimped with an authentic '80s crimper.


tinkerwiththis said...

that's HOT. seriously. sounds like a good time. and i'm totally borrowing that jacket.

jb said...


Shannon said...

the night rocked!

Molly said...

the lunch with the girlfriend from 15 years ago was the best part of the whole day. :)