Monday, July 2, 2007

the old and the beautiful

i just came back from a visit to 'the home' and i know i've aged 5 years these last 2 weeks. now i almost look my age. haha.

and here's the dialogue from last night's visit to books-a-million:

girl -'jason, can you take her (me) back to the beauty section?'
jason -'yeah, send the ugliest person here to the beauty section'
me -'me?'
jason -'no! not even close! in fact, you're the farthest thing from ugly'
me -'trust me, i know ugly'
jason -'i'm sorry, but i can't imagine you having ever been ugly'
me -'thanks' (trying to get the shaved wookie to leave me alone)
then i realized my blouse was being a floozy.

and today i was forced to look at a questionable stain in my oma's panties.
while she was wearing them.
and sitting on the toilet.

lord, help me.


steffieleigh said...

you have an interesting life

Shannon said...

WOW! (in a shocked and somewhat awed voice at the strangeness of the day)

Mysteri said...

lol, you're too funny!

tinka wit' it said...

you're psycho. once i saw my grandma's boobs. i was scarred for life.