Wednesday, July 25, 2007

long live harry potter, or does he?

so in the last 2 weeks i've seen the new hp movie and i've finished the last hp book in only 2 1/2 days. 759 pages. now it's over and i cried for the last 150 pages. harry potter truly is an instant classic in literature and the films are wonderfully done and true to source. you get so involved in the lives of these people who are fighting evil constantly and they never falter. if only my life could be so focused. of course if i could do the dishes and cooking and laundry with magic, i would certainly be freed up to focus on the important stuff.
i won't give up the ending for those reading the book, or those lazy enough to only keep up with the movies, but i'm sad that it is over. now let's get started on those weasley chronicles.
to be as selfless as harry is something to aspire to.

note: try a total of 4,216 pages (approximately) for the entire series. i didn't start reading the books until after i saw the prisoner of azakaban in the theatre. i read straight through the first 5 books, then had to wait like a year for half-blood prince to be published. then it was 2 years of waiting for this last book. we're talking, for me, and 3 year journey. not unlike my lord of the rings obsession/journey.


tinka tinka what said...

i don't think i've read 729 pages in my lifetime. so that's a lie, but i don't think i could read one books worth of 729 are crazy.

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Shannon said...

I too have taken the journey, and it just a phenomenal series....and J.K. Rowling does a great job of sealing it all up and not leaving anything is a beautifully written series