Wednesday, March 5, 2008

day 4 of the menu madness

okay, only a few of you know that i'm doing this 11 day menu diet thing with my mom. she's way ahead of me (day 10) and i'm on day 4. here's how it looks:
~~~~~~~~~~~~day 1~~~~~~~day 2~~~~~~~day 3~~~~~~~day4
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cottage cheese

some days are harder than others, but i did lose 1 1/2 pounds in the first 3 days! today doesn't look so great, but tomorrow has promise. i get an apple!


mom said...

to anyone reading, krista did get milk with those cashews but she didn't have any in the house. It gets easier and you get used to it. i drink a lot of decaf coffee with stevia to satisfy the sugar urge. you go girl!! you can do it and so can i!

Molly said...

you sound like me when we were on the cabbage soup diet---which by the way, we only lost 5 pounds each on. yuck! the banana and skim milk day was awesome!