Wednesday, March 19, 2008

movies you must see... morninglory's list

these are not in order of importance

  1. the trouble with angels
  2. dan in real life
  3. amelie (of course!)
  4. the prestige
  5. pride and prejudice (movie & miniseries)
  6. a lot like love
  7. 13 going on 30
  8. elizabethtown
  9. parent trap (hayley mills, 1961)
  10. nosferatu
  11. master and commander
  12. indiana jones (all)
  13. chocolat
  14. driving lessons
  15. the holiday
  16. little women
  17. miss potter
  18. the patriot
  19. secondhand lions
  20. wild hearts can't be broken

that's all for now. any thoughts? ratings?


Anonymous said...

What? No pensive comments on last nights American idol? Please share your thoughts and ideas with your adoring fans. We wait with bated breath!!

moviemom said...

what's nosferatu? when did you see the last holiday? i loved it! no legally blonde??? big business??? i still have to see chocolat and some of your others... baby boom is also good. of course, i'm showing my age.

o'mom said...

judas, herod and jezebel!!! what's that ye be puttin' in yer mouth, lassie? tis a tasty looking morsel, to be sure. cheese and crackers, what i wouldn't give for a slab of chocolate cake right now. [with a wee dram of .... ahem, coffee of course...]

blathermom said...

oh yes, i forgot to say it on monday, "kiss me... I wish I was Irish"

Shannon said...

Never saw: Trouble with Angels, Dan in Real Life, Master and Commander, and Miss Potter. Totally am interested in Dan in Real Life and Miss Potter for sure. Yeah, I love movies too

Celular said...

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snarkymom said...

hoo boy, kritna, you got yourself another lurker from way out there somewhere!! me give hugs too. snark snark!

tinka tinka wha wha said...

haven't seen 1, 2, 10, 11, 14, 16, 20. want to see 2. don't care much about the rest. saw vantage point today. very interesting.

oh, and i love you!

anonymous-mom said...

As of March 30, Krista hasn't had internet for a few days, so she hasn't been able to write any new things, but she had a FABULOUS birthday week, which I'm sure she'd love to expound on and the generosity of her wonderful mom and dad!!!

Helper of Garden Gnomes said...

Thanks for the comment on my page :) we have very similar movie tastes! i think i watched wild hearts can't be broken everyday for a month or so when it first came out on VHS - haha! i think you should add little miss sunshine and garden state to your list though ;)