Monday, March 31, 2008

my birthday weekend, saturday and sunday first

okay, where to begin...

how about where my mom, sister and i are supposed to meet my friends and none of the men show up to babysit. then, we need gas in the car. there's road construction and a train. and we're 30 minutes late. so we caravan to the villages. i've never been and wanted to go and since birthday girl gets to choose the destination...

we ate dinner at johnny rockets. the joe pesci waiter made me get up and dance. i was not prepared. we did some window shopping and got tickets for miss pettigrew lives for a day. we all loved it! it was soooo good. and funny. then, a stop at starbucks for some late nite caffeine. we hijacked the porch of a closed restaurant so i could open presents and give my speech. then we all had a good laugh and drove home.

sunday, we went to disney hollywood (formerly mgm) studios. it's smaller, but still fun. dot and i went on the tower of terror. we ate lunch at this fifties' place where the tables are set up like 1950's kitchens, each having a b&w tv to watch. i ordered the chicken pot pie, it was huge!! i could not finish it, there were a million peas and the carrots were the size of a stack of 3 saltines. so the waitresses there are very pushy: 'no elbows on the table, missy!' 'if you don't clean your plate, no dessert!' 'what's the matter, you don't like peas?' so, i hid the half of my uneaten portion under the other plates. she comes back and joe tells her that i hid my food. she called him 'mr. tattletale.' and tsked me to shame. when she came back with dot's ice cream, she set a parfait in front of me. i did not order dessert. 'mom made that special for you. eat it!' the parfait was layered whipped cream with my pot pie leftovers. with sprinkles on top.

i must add...

i watched the darjeeling limited this morning. it is very good! i would recommend skipping the short film 'hotel chevalier'. it is a sort of 'prologue' to the film, but it includes senseless vulgarity that is not really found in the film itself, and is not needed to understand the main film. and so i continue my loathe/hate relationship with jason schwartzman. and i still heart adrien brody. owen wilson is in good form. things i loved:

jason schwartzman is barefoot the entire time

adrien brody's pink boxers

owen wilson constantly ordering for everyone else

please see it!


tinkatonka said...

my hair is officially longer than yours, but i like your style better. hmm.

i've been wanting to see that movie.

glad you had a good bday weekend. all my love old lady.

embee said...

happy birthdya. i went to that old primetime diner and they yelled for the "rubber sheets" since i was drinking a lot of soda.

Shannon said...

The Villages were great as was Johnny Rocket's and of course the movie, Starbucks, MGK's award Oscar winning speech, and everything else....Girl nights are so great

tagalong mom said...

haha Shannon, MGK does give a good speech when she's loaded up on caffeine. I was duly impressed.