Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i'm back in the swing

i'm in full party planning mode. what party? my halloween party! my costume is so close to completion that i've started helping my friends with their costumes. it took me a day and a half, but i finished 'girl with a pearl earring'. i think they got the movie dead on. anyway. we had one day of school and then 2 days off for the hurricane that didn't come. i'm not disappointed, just aggravated about 2 lost days of school. now we'll have school the day before thanksgiving, but probably an early release. this isn't even interesting.

so, my gal, shannon, wants to be mrs. lovett this year (see above pic), i found one fan's interpretation of the costume and think that she got a good (simpler) knock-off that will be 'easy' (i never make things easy), yet still totally have the same effect. (see pic below)
dirty-dyed skirt and an altered blazer. easy peasy lemon squeazy.


equally wild mom said...

honey, i hang on your every woid! i like the easy peasy part. that shannon's a wild woman. :)

Shannon said...

That I am....I absolutely love the idea of being Mrs. Lovett....and as you can see by the chick who interpreted Mrs. Lovett, she is a character that you can do regardless of your personal size (which btw is the hardest part when it comes to Halloween).

thrifty mom said...

we all have to work with what we've got "dearie"... oh mgk, i'm sending scrap paper back w/ Joe for you to wrap books in. :)