Friday, August 8, 2008

working and writing and working

so i'm starting to write a book with a fantastic premise, but i'm still working on my sweet lime products every friday. waiting on tink to send me my labels (no pressure, mate). so far:

lip balm

tangerine toner

gentle facial exfoliator



lemon cleanser

scrub for oily skin

cleansing and rejuvenating oil

pH restorer

pore cleanser steam


i hope you are ready to try them out!


a trip to england on the horizon!

just have to sew and attach my sleeves to my bodice and attach my bodice to my skirt and hem. so excited. so busy.


watching a movie,'miss austen regrets'. so far it's really good. getting in her head - i'm lost in austen. notice the color of her dress (yea!!).


the proper mum said...

still would like pictures of the dress in progress, dearie, maybe pinned to your lovely dress form!! wheeee, i'm going to england too!!!!

Shannon said...

I am definitely in on the England trip.

Shannon said...

btw nice Hammer dance

Jana said...

where are you selling products? on etsy?