Monday, September 8, 2008

i thought i was gonna die!

so my girls and i went to rock the universe this weekend. third year in a row for an all weekend blowout. and our last. we went back to our hotel early friday night- 10:30. crazy, right? i sat on a ride next to an obnoxious girly-boy (that's what he called himself) who spit when he talked. i had to fight off girls half my age (literally) to keep myself from suffocating. we're going to do individual concerts from now on. we did discover a really great new band. special d.

check them out. no, that is not drake bell.
this is drake bell.
and of course, my favorite band: jars of clay.
sorry, no shorts this year. so in case you missed it last year - here's a recap:


Shannon said...

Amen sista! We definitely need to find other means to girl weekend out. I totally love the pics, and of course, on the Special D cd cover, the rest of the guys are looking at the lead singer like he is a is great....

adventure mom said...

Speaking from experience, never give up getting with the girls!!!! Take up knitting or crafting something and get together and do it, learn it together. take a language class together and practice it with each other. go to a play. drink coffee and read books. [like you don't do that already.] I'm glad you girls are discovering this 'woman to woman' thing earlier than I did. You need each other. sister chicks yeah!

mom said...

remind me to write the special Irish curse Lori and I wrote. It's a killer.