Friday, September 12, 2008

out of the closet, and back in again.

yesterday, i spent the whole day taking ev-er-y-thing out of boy's closet. after throwing out garbage, removing my stuff from the days that his room was the 'spare room', and trying to hose vacuum it since my belt has broken - again - my husband and his girlfriend, kenny, installed this.
and today was spent trying to put everything back in. it results in getting rid of 2 dressers, a toy chest, and a small bookcase. his room will be so nice and, well, roomy. i still have 2 more shelves to put in that gaping hole. the large 'drawer' is actually a laundry hamper. but since boy's clothes are still so small, i'm using it as a toy chest. yes, more toys.


amazed mom said...

omg, you are the queen of phone trickery!!!

Shannon said...

haha "my husband and his girlfriend kenny" that is hilarious!!!!!!! I wonder if he calls Elizabeth and I your boyfriends then haha

tinka what what said...

that is hilarious. and i wish m closet had all that cool stuff in it. like a stuffed dash. gosh.