Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a new career?

it took 20 (1/8") braids, many straight pins, some glue, and several hours over 2 days, but i completed a regency hair style on a barbie. what do you think? i know, what a waste of time. blah, blah, blah. it is to go with the dress i was planning to sew. i thought, if i'm sewing a regency dress, she'll have to have the right hair. so i did the hair first.

now dot (who doesn't play with dolls) wants me to do the hair on the other 3 dolls. i guess i'll have a cast for home versions of my favorite stories. more wasted time. hey, barbie never looked so good.
okay, so i went ahead and sewed the dress. just some practice with a little scrap of material.
here's mr. darcy, he's a little wooden.


Mother said...

I love that last picture. Mr. Darcy's expressionless face killed me. Creating is not a waste of time, [which is why I covered 2 pillows at 11 p.m.], but that's beside the point. I think Barbie never looked better. Is there a Regency Barbie that Hasbro? makes? I applaud your tremendous efforts and that dress is sooo cute!!

Shannon said...

Wow! That is amazing!

tinka what what said...

you have sooo much free time. can you come to my house and finish all my projects?

late mom said...

by the way, what is your avatar doing with her hand? i can't tell.

Tricia B. said...

you're freakin' amazing! I only wish I was as crafty and talented. I probably could accomplish more things but I don't have the patience.