Thursday, September 25, 2008

who do they think they are?

i got all excited after seeing the new target ads for their exclusive makeup lines. np, jemma kidd, and pixi. i was there 2 weeks ago and thought i'd check them out. maybe pick up a new eyeliner or something. apparently, target (who's ads are all about how much you're saving) now thinks that they are sephora and can charge $28 for eyeshadow, and a basic kit (very basic) for $39! that is NOT saving me any money. looking 'natural' just became very expensive, even for us po' folks. hey, po'folks, wasn't that a restaurant? i think it was. odd.

and what about david blaine's lame lame lame stunt last night? seriously, the announcer (also lame) is like, 'he just flew up into the sky! it's amazing!'
david lame


Shannon said...

At that point, I would rather hit up the bare minerals store or Sephora and know for a fact I am getting the natural pretty much costs the same...

tinka what what said...

i blogged it too. i was unimpressed, as was every other new yorker.