Monday, October 26, 2009

if there's anything i hate, it's a zombie

party #1 was on friday and i didn't want to have a repeat with the costume situation, so i threw together a corpse bride number.
step 1: makeup

bare face with lots of moisturizer in preparation for the loads of crap i'm about to slather on. i love this eyeliner-lashes look so much, i want to do it all the time. i can hear tink screaming, "don't do it!!!"
i custom mixed a light foundation with some shimmery white powder to get this ghastly pale look. i mixed moisturizer with some eyeshadow to do my hollowed eyes and cheeks.
step 2: get into character

"now give me the milk!"
step 3: get dressed

i wore a dyed wedding dress, black cherry lipstick, and a centipede spirit gummed to my neck.

viola! i was so lucky my friend had a wedding dress that fit me perfectly.


Shannon said...

that is awesome! It looked so good. And this Friday night we will all be stunning vampires. It will be great!

tinkerwiththis said...

so scary, bravo. and you're right, don't do it!