Wednesday, October 7, 2009

trying my hand at minis

so after looking at all the polymer minis of food, i decided to try my hand at it.

i didn't think i could duplicate the moist, cakey texture, but i figured out the secret. i'm very excited about the result.

cake was not enough, so i tried sushi. i know my sushi paper is too thick. a mistake i won't make next time. i think it still came out alright and my wasabi and ginger look good. i think i'll rework the salmon.


Anonymous said...

What is that? Is it play dough or real food. The cake is SO cute but I think I would need about 20!!! Too cute!

Tricia B. said...

Totally cute! I knew a lady who made little miniature things like that. I wouldn't have the patience to make something like that.