Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wishing you hadn't

i saw that bram stoker's dracula was coming on last week, so i dvr'd it. the weekend went by and i finally watched it yesterday. i don't think i ever really watched the whole thing. hmmm. maybe there was a reason for that. i felt like poo afterwards. i want to clearly state, however, that i have no problem with keanu reeves. it wasn't any of the actors, just that i'm not into horror that much. action is fine. i love van helsing. (well, hugh jackman) so anyway. i'd much rather watch nosferatu, which i felt was much scarier. i think the unknown is scarier than a monster you can see.
i'm working on my costume for this friday. not to be confused with my costume for next friday. that's right, this year i have TWO costumes. two parties, two costumes.

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mom-acula said...

first of all, let me say I missed 3 days of your blogging! what kind of a mother am I? your earrings are adorable, your necklace is exquisite [your neck is flawless, btw] and ew on the movie. If I really studied it, I think I could translate that German thingy. You're a wunderkind! [just like "temp"]