Thursday, October 22, 2009

my recipe for non-dairy cheese

non-dairy? yes. is it soy-based? no. the recipe is as follows:
start with plain almond breeze (almond milk)
pour into a cup and serve to 4 year-old
12 hours later (once children are in bed, and the house is quiet, and you can think) clear dishes off table
realize that your 9 year-old neglected to unload the dishwasher
realize that you are exhausted
place dishes in sink
leave for 36 hours
stop waiting for someone else to empty dishwasher and do it yourself
load dishwasher
discover almond cheese in a plastic cup

non-dairy, almond cheese.

spread on crackers, serve with vienna sausages


revamped*midge said...

Aww! You had me at Non-dairy cheese!! :) Thanks for the recipe!

partied out mom said...

hahahaha, that's going in my journal word for word and midgelet, your comment is too. youse guys are so funny!

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